Who are we?

Best Paints is a trademark for Near East Petrochemicals Factory Group, which is a company specialized in paints and petrochemical industry. The factory was founded in 1996 and it founded Best Paints trademark in 2017.

Near East Petrochemicals Company started producing types of decorative and textured paints with the assistance and cooperation of several global companies according to the highest standards of different paints aspects.

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About Us
Introduction to our products

Our company presents to you different products

Introduction to our products

Our company presents to you different products with many colors and different color effect additives in order to add more dazzling splendor and charm, and to meet the taste of every client using the wide range of paints available to unleash the painter’s imagination and creativity to create a beautiful painting that fits into the surroundings.

All the distinctive ingredients and pigments are chosen to add glamor, sensory effect, distinctive texture, and dazzle including:

  • Velvety sensation and distinctive texture.
  • Glow in the dark paint additives.
  • Multicolor paint material/ similar to natural marble.
  • Different pearl colors, silver glitter colors, overlapping colors (rainbow) and other colors, antique and flake paint of different types and applications. Furthermore, the company provides its distinguished clients with technical consulting services through its technical staff specialized in providing advice and guidance to different application methods of the products.

It is worth mentioning that Best Paints is keen to produce VOC Free eco-friendly products; in addition, we are distinguished by providing our services directly from the factory to the client where he/ she gets high quality products.


Free of charge visiting service

Our specialized team pays you free of charge visits in order for you to choose what suits you from our distinctive products easily.

We provide free of charge visiting service by our specialized team who examines the site, gives advice, and shows you our products and the available colors.

You can get the following:

  • Products catalog to choose easily what you need from our products.
  • Color catalog to choose from our distinctive colors.
  • Advice and suggestions from our team to help you decide what suits you best.



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